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Visit Ekain:

Discover the most spectacular rock-art paintings of the Basque Coast, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in a journey of the senses to the origins of this land’s culture through an excelent replica, Ekainberri.

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Included in the Complete Prehistoric Experience


Have you ever wondered how painting was invented or how the Ekain horses were painted? Discover how it was done, create your own painting designs and leave your mark on history!


Follow the course of the stream through the Sastarrain valley and use your spear to hunt animals like a prehistoric hunter. You can get to know the area’s flora and fauna as you go.


After the hunt, it’s time to cook what you caught. You’ll need a fire, but you only have sticks and stones to make one. Experience the process yourself, using the same materials that were used in prehistoric times.


Ekain offers educational materials and specific activities aimed at children and young people of all ages.

Without a doubt, it is the ideal place for youngsters to learn about history and art in a fun and entertaining way, under the guidance of our specially-trained guides. They can also do their own paintings, make fire and hunt.


Get the full experience of exploring the spectacular Sastarrain valley, leading to the Ekain cave (World Heritage Site), with this audio tour: activate the GPS and be guided while you listen to the experiences of our special host. The tour ends at the entrance to Ekainberri, the replica of the Ekain cave, where you can marvel at the finest collection of horse paintings in all Quaternary art.