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There are two visiting areas, Ekainberri and Lili Palace, you can complete your experience by visiting both of them!

In Ekainberri, you will experience a sensory journey to discover the cave art paintings of the Ekain cave, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

  • The Ekainberri Guided Tour is a guided tour of the replica of the Ekain cave, where Ekain’s paintings are seen and felt as in the original cave. Duration of the experience: about 45 minutes.
  • The Complete Prehistoric Experience includes the guided tour of the replica plus a hands-on workshop on Prehistoric survival techniques: you will learn how they made fire, you will put different ways of hunting into practice, and you will learn different ways of painting like prehistoric humans did. Duration of the experience: about 1h45 min. approx.
  • On top of that, your ticket allows visiting the Basque Country Cave Art permanent exhibition in Ekainberri. Duration of the experience: about 30 minutes. Subject to availability depending on other bookings.

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The Lili Palace is an exciting building of the sixteenth century in Gothic style, which was an important place in the history of Zestoa and the entire Basque Country. Combining real scenes and characters with the dramatization of an actor, the play “Honor of the Lilies” has been created. In a monologue, the last inhabitant of the Lili family, Lady Madalen, takes visitors to 1678.

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If you want to combine the experiences of the two sites, you please consider the duration of each experience and the journey from one to the other. From the Ekainberri Ticket Sales Office to Lili Palace there are 10 minutes walking, and there’s a 15-minute walk between Lili Palace and Ekainberri. Motor vehicles are prohibited on these routes and can only be used on foot.  Visitors with reduced mobility who request it are given access by vehicle. Limited parking spaces.

More information and questions:

Ekainberri Ticket Sales Office
Portale kalea, 1, 20740 Zestoa (Gipuzkoa)
0034 943 86 88 11


Zestoa es un pueblo lleno de tesoros, situado en el valle del río Urola y a 10 minutos de la costa vasca. Además de Ekain, podrás conocer otros lugares de interés como el Palacio  Lilí, y el centro de interpretación del Flysch de Zumaia ALGORRI…