Events to commemorate the 50th anniversary

Next 8th June will be 50 years since the discovery of the Ekain cave and the events will be taking place all throughout year. A supplement was added to the renowned logo in 2018 due to the 10th anniversary celebrations. In this occasion, traced images of the paintings which were used to make the discovery public have been used to create the logo; traced images which have turned 50 this year.

These are the events which Fundación Ekain has planned to organise in 2019:


First half of 2019
  • Flybanners announcing the 50th anniversary of Ekain discovery have been set up in the urban area of Zestoa. Thus, Zestoa starts celebrating the anniversary events.
  • Ekainberri co-organized the mountain race Kobaz Koba Trail the 10th February. The route took runners through several caves in the surroundings of Zestoa. 550 runners were gathered at the starting point.
  • Ekainberri celebrated the month of the Basque Coast Museums the 18th March. An exclusive visit to Zestoa’s Danbolinzulo cave was organized, cave which remains closed to the public. Visitors could watch its outstanding rock art paintings.
  • The 24th March Ekainberri celebrated the X Day of the Caves within Lurpea, the Association of Basque Caves. Visitors could put their painting skills into practice thanks to the “Create (your own) rock art” workshop.
  • Ekainberri, as member of the Ice Age Europe network celebrated one of its two yearly meetings between 14-16 March in Altamira (Cantabria) and the second one will take place between 6-9 October in Préhistomuseum in Belgium.
  • Deba will host a very special exhibition: an exhibition with the original carbon copies which were painted when Ekain was discovered. The innauguration event will take place the 10th May at 19:00 and it will be on until the 8th June, at Agirre Palace in Deba. Opening hours: 18:00-20:00 (Tuesday to Saturday and 12:00-14:00 (Sunday).
  • International Museum Day will take place in May and Ekainberri will present a specific program for that day.
  • Ekainberri will inaugurate its prehistoric camp in the field in front of the museum building.
  • The 7th June will be the big celebration day; the main event will take place in Victoria Eugenia Theatre in Donostia-San Sebastián. Beginning at 19:00, there will be the performance of the inuit singer Tanya Tagaq, performance of Dantzaz company (dance), Orfeoi Gazte (young choir), short talks and an homage act. In addition, the première of a documentary film about the discobery of Ekain cave will be shown and the audience will get a monographic book edited for the occasion.The following talks have also been organized at Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea in the field of new scientific steps on the Cantabric ledge.
    • 4th June. 19:00. Nola aldatzen diren gauzak! Gipuzkoako Paleolitoa, 35 urteetako jarduera arkeologikoaren ondoren. Alvaro Arrizabalaga, UPV/EHU
    • 11th June. 19:00. Caballos digitales: nuevos descubrimientos e investigaciones en el arte parietal de la cueva de Ekain. Blanca Ochoa-Fraile, UPV/EHU
    • 20th June. 19:00. Goi-Azken Magdalen-aldi Azil-aldi trantsizioa Kantauriar erlaitzean. Daniel Ruiz-Gonzalez, UPV/EHU.
    • 27th June. 19:00. Entorno a Ekain: nuevos descubrimientos e investigaciones sobre el arte paleolítico en Euskal Herria. Diego Garate Maidagan, IIPC.
  • Ekainberri will join the International Day of Caves, as every year.
  • The X Ekainfest edition will take place the 9th June. The perfect excuse to represent the life of our ancestors 14,000 years ago. There will be the chance to find out how they made fire, how they hunted, about their clothing.


Second half of 2019
  • Ekainberri will celebrate the 11th anniversary of Ekain’s appointment as World Heritage site.
  • It will be Ekainberri´s birthday the 11th September. There will be a specific program published for that day.
  • Ekainberri will join the Europe Heritage Days in October.

As the International World Heritage Day will be in November, Ekainberri will be celebrating its 11th anniversary as part of this category.